LearningField brings together a breadth of digital content from Australia’s leading educational publishers through to a single and secure online platform.

LearningField is a unique digital content solution for Australian secondary schools. Instead of just one textbook per subject, teachers and students can access more than 14,500 chapters from over 1,300 e-textbooks or interactive learning products for core and elective subjects from Years 7-12.

Resources are linked to state and national curricula and can be searched, filtered, and assigned easily. Notes can be highlighted and shared on-the-fly, creating a collaborative learning experience. With the range of quality resource available, teachers to better cater to mixed ability classrooms, and drive and support a more personalised approach to learning.

LearningField allows teachers and students to access all their resources through the one platform, whenever and wherever they choose. Read chapters online through an LMS, or download and read offline using our LearningField eReader. LearningField has eReaders for PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablets and Chromebooks, fully catering for BYOD schools.