Refunds and Delivery Policy

Student Prorate Refund Policy

LearningField is a world first digital textbook subscription service. We offer a prorate refund for students who leave a school where they have paid a subscription to use LearningField.
See the below prorate refund guidelines:
• Before school starts: 100% refund
• Day 1 Term 1- end term 1 holidays: 75% refund
• Day 1 Term 2- end term 2 holidays: 50% refund
• Day 1 Term 3- end term 3 holidays: 25% refund
• Day 1 Term 4- end of school year : Nil refund

Claiming your prorate refund:
If you paid the LearningField subscription via our payment portal you will need to contact us directly at LearningField will confirm your payment details, determine your refund amount and process the refund to your credit card. LearningField will process your refund within 21 days.
If the LearningField subscription has been paid by the school you will need to contact the school directly and agree payment details with the school.

New Student Prorate Payment Policy

LearningField offers a prorate subscription cost for new students enrolling at a school throughout the school year. The payment amount will depend on when the student is enrolled at the school.
See the below prorate payment guidelines:
• Before school starts: 100%
• Day 1 Term 1- end term 1 holidays: 100%
• Day 1 Term 2- end term 2 holidays: 75%
• Day 1 Term 3- end term 3 holidays: 50%
• Day 1 Term 4- end of school year : 25%

Paying your prorate subscription:
Where parents are expected to pay for a new student enrolled at a school using LearningField part way through the year you will need to access the payment portal at
To make your payment you will be required to know your child’s school email address. At the point of payment LearningField will automatically adjust your payment according to the above prorate guidelines.
Where the school pays for a new student enrolling at a school part way through the year please contact the school and they will arrange to provide access to LearningField.
If you are uncertain which payment model operates at the school please contact the school first.

LearningField delivery policy

LearningField is a digital textbook service which delivers textbook content from Australia’s leading educational publishers to personal devices.
Teachers and students can choose from a range of content across subjects and year levels and are not locked in to using just one text book.
LearningField’s new partnership with VitalSource enables users to access content in three ways: via a native eReader application, an online bookshelf cloud based reader and an Learning Tools Interoperability compliant Learning Management System. From November 2016 LearningField content can be searched, assigned and read directly from Learning Management System providers including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Schoology, Schoolbox, SEQTA, SIMON, and Moodle.
You can learn more about LearningField by visiting our frequently asked questions at: