LearningField introduces eLearning training options for teachers

So why have we gone down an eLearning route?

To better serve the different needs of teachers.   A number of teachers have told us they are time poor and want to be more self-directed in their learning experience. They want to do training at times that suit them. So we are looking to cater for these needs.

For a new school using LearningField we have already used a range of training options: face-to-face training, How to Videos, User Guides, our support knowledge base with its FAQs and our help desk.  We have had a focus on training teachers in face-to-face training sessions. Whilst this style of training works well, and will continue to do so for a lot of people, we wanted to be able to cater for other individual learning preferences and styles better.

Preparing for 2015

In our first full year of operating we have had amazing support and feedback from schools using the service.  This has resulted in many of our schools expanding their use of LearningField for 2015, and new schools implementing LearningField for the first time.  Our new schools will be a mix of metropolitan and regional schools,…

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School: enabling student-centred learning and higher order thinking skills

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) is a well-established Melbourne independent school with a long history of a focus on student-centred learning and higher order thinking skills. In sharing their experience of LearningField the school describes it as a teaching and learning tool: to guide student learning, provide a deeper understanding of concepts and ultimately allow students to be thinkers and not just learners. The school has also been a strong user of the collaboration features of the service with notes, discussions and online communication with teachers improving the sharing of concepts and making projects more interesting.