Mount Waverley Secondary College: Having higher level teacher-student conversations and supporting difference

Mount Waverley Secondary College, based in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs, describes itself as a middle class state school with a history of outstanding academic results and a focus on developing the whole person for a global society. In sharing their LearningField experience the school talks of using LearningField to enable higher level conversations between students and teachers. Mount Waverley also sees LearningField  supporting different student needs in general, and especially for students with English as a second language and lower levels of literacy. Students talk of LearningField allowing them to work at their own pace, help those falling behind and to learn from students above their level.

Newington’s first year with LearningField – six months in

Newington College

Newington College’s Director of ICT, Myles Carrick, was kind enough to speak to some visiting teacher librarians about digital texts and LearningField in May 2014.

He started his discussion with this interesting premise: the question is not how do schools get textbooks onto iPads, but how do schools get great resources into learning situations and how do they support creation and curation/sharing of resources?

St Patrick’s College Ballarat: Removing the text from the backpack and facilitating student engagement (and joy)

  In this video you see the LearningField experience of St Patrick’s College at Ballarat: a catholic school in regional Victoria in the Edmund Rice tradition. Here we understand the school’s core values, how they are choosing to navigate a changing teaching landscape and what has been useful and excited them about using LearningField. St…

Arden Anglican School: Interacting with textbooks across all their subjects, all within the one LearningField app

Arden is an independent Sydney school using LearningField.  In the following Northern District Times article the school describes how its  students, equipped with iPads, are able to read, annotate, communicate and highlight in the textbooks across all their subjects, all within the one LearningField app. Grace de Rijk, 14, is in Year 9 at Arden  is using…