Our new reporting tool for teachers: Providing feedback on student engagement in 2015

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LearningField usage generates data. We know when students open their books, how long they read them and how they use the collaborative note-taking and group discussion features. Harnessing this data will provide real time knowledge of how students are using LearningField in a way their print book never could. Our new reporting tool will be available for teachers in 2015 and we are currently building a dashboard to enable easy access to this data. Our goal is to collate the best information, reports and views that provide visibility across student trends and facilitate actionable insight on student engagement.

Newington’s first year with LearningField – six months in

Newington College

Newington College’s Director of ICT, Myles Carrick, was kind enough to speak to some visiting teacher librarians about digital texts and LearningField in May 2014.

He started his discussion with this interesting premise: the question is not how do schools get textbooks onto iPads, but how do schools get great resources into learning situations and how do they support creation and curation/sharing of resources?

LearningField to provide a Year 11–12 subscription for 2015

LearningField is excited to announce the addition of a subscription option for Years 11 and 12 for 2015. The subscription will include textbook and study guide content from Cambridge University Press, Insight Publications, Jacaranda, Macmillan Education Australia, Oxford University Press and Pearson Australia. The subscription will provide teachers and students access to every textbook and…